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Places:  Laughter And Comedy Propels Us To A Lighter Place Where We Are Reminded To Not Take Things So Seriously.

In the ever-evolving landscape of comedy, a noticeable shift has occurred, marked by a resurgence in milder, yet incredibly hilarious performances. I recently attended a live performance by Nate Bargatze. Comedians like Bargatze epitomize this new wave, proving that humor doesn’t need to rely on shock value or crassness to tickle the audience’s funny bone. This transformation can be attributed to various factors, one major factor being the impact of social media platforms like YouTube. With the spotlight now on skillful delivery, timing, and punchlines, comedians face a higher bar, necessitating a refined craft that goes beyond the easy shock tactics of the past.

Enter rising stars like Sheng Wang, who exemplify a new standard in comedy.  Wang, known for his adept deadpan delivery, has embraced a dynamic where quick-witted observational comedy achieves a level of intellect that few can match, yet almost anyone finds hilarious.  For awhile there, Matt Rife was doing well with a smooth capability to engage audiences in crowd work.  His latest Netflix special shifted his delivery from sharp, real time responsiveness to canned delivery of more low brow humor –  as a very young comedian with a lot of core talent, hopefully he can develop and recover based on the comedic style that brought him fame in the first place, if his audience will forgive the early-career misstep of his first produced special.

This comedy renaissance signifies more than just a change in content; it represents a redefinition of what it means to be a skilled comedian. The evolving makeup and preferences of audiences have not only challenged comedians to adapt but have also paved the way for a new era where top talent is distinguished by its ability to engage, connect, and elicit genuine laughter without relying on the crutches of the past. It is great to witness this vibrant and diverse array of comedic voices emerging, breathing new life into the entertainment landscape.

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  1. I think Nate B. is top-notch and true proof that the new bar to reach is to be funnier than most while also being extremely clean. What a pleasant surprise he has been! Matt Rife – I have to disagree – not nearly as clean and he tends to use some shock value humor being politically incorrect as evidenced in his recent Netflix special.

    1. Yes! I agree. There has been a lot of criticism of Matt Rife’s Netflix special and the fact that he resorted to more canned, typical humor and didn’t do his usual crowd work. He is an up-and-coming star, unless he gets ‘cancelled’ – and he is young in his career so hopefully he refines his approach over time.

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