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Places:  The Fantastical World Of Video Games, The Almost-Real Places That Today’s Role Playing Games Take Us To.

As a Gen X growing up, video games were simple. The likes of PacMan and Space Invaders ruled the screens, their straightforward objectives and controls a far cry from the intricate worlds my daughter navigated on her PlayStation. Watching her deftly maneuver through complex RPG landscapes with an array of buttons and joysticks, I couldn’t help but feel daunted. The leap from spectator to participant seemed insurmountable until an unexpected source of inspiration emerged: George R.R. Martin’s collaboration on a video game. The prospect of exploring a narrative as rich as those in the Game of Thrones series, within the realm of a video game, piqued my curiosity.

Accepting the Challenge

The game in question was Elden Ring, a title developed by FromSoftware, known for its daunting difficulty and deep lore. My daughter laid down the gauntlet, and intrigued by the promise of dragons, knights, and castles, I accepted. Thus began my foray into a world that was as bewildering as it was captivating. The initial hours were a struggle, a dance of fingers and thumbs that often resulted in more defeats than victories. Yet, with each setback, I learned. I grew.

Mastery Through Persistence

Over the year, what seemed like an insurmountable challenge slowly transformed into a triumph. I delved deeper into the Lands Between, mastering the controls that once confounded me and unraveling the mysteries that the game artfully presented. My samurai character, once a novice in this sprawling world, became a formidable warrior, reaching level 200 and beyond. The final bosses, once seemingly invincible, fell one by one. The sense of achievement was profound, but the lessons learned were even more significant.

The Power of Video Games

Elden Ring taught me that the boundaries of our capabilities are often self-imposed. With patience, determination, and a willingness to embrace repetition and practice, mastering new skills is not just possible; it’s inevitable. This journey transcended the game; it was a testament to the human capacity for growth, regardless of age or prior experience.

Beyond the Game: Escapism and Exploration

But Elden Ring offered more than just a lesson in persistence. It provided a gateway to a world as rich and immersive as any novel. The lands I explored and the puzzles I solved were not mere distractions but destinations. These virtual spaces, crafted with care and detail, became a refuge, a place to unwind and experience adventures beyond the confines of the everyday.

The Magic of Interactive Storytelling

RPGs like Elden Ring stand apart for their ability to weave interactive storytelling with personal skill development. They invite players not just to witness a story but to live it, making choices that shape the narrative and the world around them. This level of engagement creates a unique bond between the player and the game, one where every triumph and setback is intensely personal.

My journey from a bystander in my daughter’s gaming adventures to a conqueror of Elden Ring’s challenges has been unexpected and rewarding. It stands as a reminder that it’s never too late to embrace new experiences, to step out of our comfort zones, and to discover new worlds, both virtual and within ourselves.

To those who, like me, once thought the world of modern video games was beyond their reach, I say: Dive in. The challenges are surmountable, the experiences enriching, and the stories waiting to be lived are truly extraordinary.


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