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Anthony Horton

Anthony Horton

Meet the Author

Anthony Horton is an accomplished executive and writer whose life intertwines success in business with an enduring love of writing. He is a seasoned wilderness trekker and has canoed, kayaked and backpacked across four continents. His off-the-grid explorations ignited a passion for writing as he sought to immortalize the natural wonders he encountered.

Horton translated his leadership abilities in the dynamic world of business, ultimately leading to his current role as CEO for a major mobility and relocation firm. Amidst the demands of corporate life, the call of the written word remained steadfast, and over the years, he has penned many evocative short stories and tales. He is co-author of R U Ready for Y? a business book that rethinks common strategies to leading a multi-generation workforce.

From 'Unpaved':

Memory is often an uninvited guest. It spends its time spinning the fine silk of recollection in the anterooms and cellars of the mind. Bleak or painful memories remain there in waiting, biding their time until they scratch and claw and plead to be let out. When they arrive, we find ourselves wishing instead that they would remain buried or slip hastily through the fingers of the here and now.


More About 'Unpaved':

Unpaved accesses the inner workings of corporate drama against the exquisite backdrop of the lakes and rivers of the northern wilderness.

As Russell Nowak-McCreary embarks on a pursuit to revisit a secluded cabin in the Canadian North, memories of lost loved ones intertwine with the healing embrace of nature. Each passing mile triggers vivid flashbacks to a transformative summer spent with his beloved grandfather, offering the hope of a new beginning. His circumstances intensify as he becomes entangled in a chaotic web of accusations and misconduct surrounding his former boss, adding an unexpected layer of complexity to his pilgrimage.

The weight of his past and present converge as Russell travels onward, haunted by memories and uncertain of the revelations that await him at the cabin. With the fate of his professional life hanging in the balance, his trail leads to a convergence of personal and corporate truths, leaving readers eagerly anticipating the unforeseen discoveries that await him at the end of his journey.