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Places:  The Stories That Emerge From An Everyday Setting When I first came across the summary of Rachel Stone’s The Blue Iris, I’ll admit, skepticism tapped on my shoulder. A narrative swirling around the day-to-day of a flower shop—could it truly captivate? How much drama and depth could petals and stems offer? How quickly uncertainty turned […]

Places:  Our Brains on Change It’s a biological fact: our amygdala, those tiny almond-shaped parts of our brains, are attuned to sense threats and react with fear. This ancient and primitive response mechanism flares up with every new societal shift or technological advance. But fear isn’t the only driver—power dynamics play a crucial role too. […]

Places: A Nostalgic Journey From OG Bands To Contemporary Punk. This past weekend, I listened (several times, start-to-finish) to Green Day’s recently released album, Saviors. I was immediately transported back to the raw, electrifying atmosphere of my youth—a time when The Clash and The Ramones were not just bands, but revolutions happening in real time. […]

Places:  Placed of Awe, Life and Health On the cusp of releasing my novel Unpaved, a narrative with threads of nature’s awe and the raw connections it fosters, I am compelled to reflect on a recent study that resonates with the core of my storytelling. Dacher Keltner’s research into the ‘8 Wonders of Life,’ a […]

Places:  The Unknown Places Beyond Our Self-Imposed Limits. As someone who has survived the grueling ordeal of an Ironman, I considered myself part of an elite group of endurance athletes. That is, until I stumbled upon the monumental saga of James “Iron Cowboy” Lawrence and his mind-boggling journey documented in “Redefine Impossible.” Suddenly, my single […]

Places: A Week Of Acting Brilliance On Two Continents Earlier this month, in the UK, I was fortunate enough to view the National Theatre’s livestream of Andrew Scott’s unparalleled performance in “Vanya,” described as Simon Stephens’s radical adaptation of Chekhov’s “Uncle Vanya.” Scott delivers a solo version of this play in a performance that is […]

Places: “Hunger” Lives At A Junction Where Art And Metaphor Cross Paths. “Hunger,” a 2023 Thai drama directed by Sitisiri Mongkolsiri and written by Kongdej Jaturanrasamee, emerges as a unique cinematic exploration of class and gender disparities, ambition, and the multifaceted roles of cuisine and gastronomy. The film stars Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying as Aoy, a street-food […]

Places: Places We Sense But Cannot Touch or Observe At the intersection of human awareness and quantum mechanics lies a fascinating and peculiar crossroad that is constantly evolving. I recently read George Musser’s enlightening work, “Incorporating Ourselves into the Equation: How Physicists are Investigating Human Consciousness and AI to Unravel the Universe’s Mysteries.” This book […]

Places:  The Fantastical World Of Video Games, The Almost-Real Places That Today’s Role Playing Games Take Us To. As a Gen X growing up, video games were simple. The likes of PacMan and Space Invaders ruled the screens, their straightforward objectives and controls a far cry from the intricate worlds my daughter navigated on her […]

Places:  In The Water Or By The Water –  A Place That Naturally Relaxes. As an open water swimmer, my relationship with water extends beyond the physicality of swimming in the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean in Hawaii, participating in my usual distance of 1-mile in a Swim Across America open water event or […]

Places: Music Can Take Us Back To Places Deep In Our Memories. More than 30 years ago, I stumbled upon the mesmerizing sounds of the Irish band Hothouse Flowers, and their music became a constant companion. Tracks like “Don’t Go” and “I Can See Clearly Now” found a permanent place in my playlists, creating a […]

Places: The Best Entertainment Art Can Transport Us To Fantastical Places And Spark Imagination. I started watching Game of Thrones in 2011 when the series first launched and continued until the series conclusion. Since that time, I have also read all of George R. R. Martin’s books in the series. So, suffice it to say, […]

Places: Travelling To Past Lives,  To India And The Multi-Generational Experiences Of Family And Into The History Of The Civil War. I always look forward to the holidays.  Not only is it a time to celebrate family and friends but also to ponder the previous year and consider what a fresh New Year will bring. […]

Places:  Visiting Those Places With Thousands Of Years Of History Has A Way Of Immersing Us In Ancient Times – When This Translates Into Creativity In The Written Word, The Effect Is Even More Profound. This summer, under the warm embrace of the Roman sun, I found myself wandering through the historic ruins of the […]

Places:  The Richness Of Fictional Characters Connects Us To Where They Live And Makes Us Hope For More. Donna Tartt, the acclaimed author of “The Goldfinch” and “The Secret History,” has etched her name in the annals of contemporary literature. Her talent, storytelling prowess, and ability to create intricate worlds have made her a beloved […]

Places:  Optimism For Future Places Where Gender Equality Is A Given. In the male-dominated world of filmmaking, Greta Gerwig has emerged as a shining beacon of talent, breaking barriers and redefining the landscape. Her journey from indie darling to mainstream success has not only captivated audiences but has also played a significant role in opening […]

Places:  Laughter And Comedy Propels Us To A Lighter Place Where We Are Reminded To Not Take Things So Seriously. In the ever-evolving landscape of comedy, a noticeable shift has occurred, marked by a resurgence in milder, yet incredibly hilarious performances. I recently attended a live performance by Nate Bargatze. Comedians like Bargatze epitomize this […]

Places:  The Sphere Is A Place Of Stunning Artistic Potential And Experiential Entertainment. When discussing resilience, adaptability, and the undying spirit of creativity, the tale of U2’s metamorphosis offers a compelling narrative. Their journey, from a major public relations misstep to a reemergence on one of the most innovative stages in the world, underscores how […]

Places:  Is Our Collective Consciousness Leading Us To A ‘Victorianesque’ Place Where Self-Righteous Indignation Is The Norm? Pablo Picasso once observed, “Taste is the enemy of creativity.” At its heart, the sentiment reflects the idea that adhering to conventional aesthetics and values can be restrictive, if not detrimental, to the creative process. This timeless idea […]

Places:  Our Elders Can Lead Us To Places Of Enriched Understanding Through Their Stories. Recently, an article from CNBC surfaced on my newsfeed. It wasn’t the usual kind of news. Instead of focusing on the hustle and bustle of our modern world, it prompted a moment of reflection. In our race to stay updated, have […]