Anthony horton


Places:  When Fiction Lifts Us From Places Of Darkness To A Positive Place Of Light. The world of literature often finds itself at the intersection of therapy and escapism. While many champion fiction as a potent tool for healing, some critics argue against this notion, doubting its therapeutic efficacy. Let’s explore this contention before diving […]

Places:  The Genius Of An Author Who Can Propel Us To A Dystopian Post-Apocalyptic Landscape, Twentieth Century Mexico and Nineteenth Century Wester Frontiers. The literary world recently suffered a monumental loss with the passing of Cormac McCarthy. His works, dark and profound, transcended genres and reached into the depths of the human soul. Known for […]

Welcome to what I am calling my Places-themed Blog.   My goal is to share thoughts from a variety of sources and events, predominantly from the world of art and entertainment.  We will delve into any subject,  from mental health, to the modern state of comedy, to music and, of course, fiction and literature. Why Places?  […]