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                               November 7, 1941  –  January 6, 2024

                      Littera scripa manet The written word endures.

This was embedded in Mihai Radulescu’s signature when I received my first email from him in 2019.  Following this introduction, our first conversation found its roots in our shared admiration for the unparalleled fiction and profound narratives of Pat Conroy.  We imparted stories of what Pat Conroy’s writing meant to us and, through Mihai’s gift of storytelling, I had the privilege of learning more about my lifelong favorite author and, even more, making a wonderful new friend.

As a tribute to the kind, welcoming and enjoyable companionship of Mihai,  I’ve decided to donate the lion share of royalties from my upcoming novel “Unpaved” to the Pat Conroy Literary Center in Beaufort, S.C. in perpetuity.  His dedication to the PCLC is legendary. I hope that this pledge, in Mihai’s name, honors him in a fitting and meaningful way through the enduring quality of written words.

Recognizing A Friend

Commotion is now custom in meeting one another.

And being a ‘friend’ sometimes reduced to digital transaction.

Our frenzied interactions leaving us unfulfilled.

Listening and hearing, a fading art.

A species of Philistines, in our talent for discourse.

Until a moment of fortune, to be captured and held.

When one passes into our orbit, snapping our eyes from our phones.

A listener, a storyteller, tugs at our consideration.

And, if we’re lucky, we recognize an evolved spirit.

Connection simply presents.

No requisite commonality of age, shared history, or expected future.

You are friends, a singularity, simply ‘supposed to be’.

How lucky we are, those enriched by such a friend.

Autumn forest with a curved road